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Project Information and Technologies used

CWT AnalytIQs

A portal for clients of CWT for spend analysis, route analysis and for comparative analysis of KPIs. Integrated interactive Google Maps in client dashboards and display of data metrics over the maps. Multitenancy and single sign on implementation for clients. News and RSS Feeds integrated into the portal

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This project Aim is to build a sophisticated revenue management with minimum system integration and low upfront cost. In a high volume, low margin hotel distribution business, setting the right price converts more searches into sales and achieves higher average margins. Harnessing the data that your business already has to compute optimized pricing is easily achievable with our proven revenue management system.

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GyanBet’s unique gambling system. A Web Portal / App to gamble on ones knowledge and wisdom. Betting is always a luck game where the winner wins based on someone else’s luck. GyanBet lets you gamble on your knowledge and skills and gets you some instant credits.

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321 App

It is based on the four basic arithmetic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and helps you to train your brain in a funny way.This game has been classified into three key stages. It is used to develop the confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value.

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