Process flow

Description of Flow

Client Requirements are analysed and an assessment study on feasibility of development by Vonkdoth team is conducted.
A small piece of code on the requirements is then developed as proof of Concept to gain the trust of the client and help analyze the resource and technical requirements.
Agreements are made between the Client and Vonkdoth team before the project takes off.
Agile process is implemented in the project.
Each sprint will be of 2 weeks – 4 weeks duration depending on the client requirements and time it takes to deliver the tasks. Sprints 0 is generally a deployment set up and kick off sprint. Its duration can be one week.
Tasks per each sprint are thoroughly discussed, agreed and planned for development in the planning session. They are coded and tested during the sprint and at the end of each sprint; code will be deployed to the client system. Tasks can be revisited and updated in subsequent sprints on client requirements
Sprints are logically grouped to minimize the risk of resource attrition. Client controls the tasks and priorities.
Support / Documentation is provided after the project delivery and deployment
Tailor made billing types for clients provide help them with managing the project budgets and time.